About Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates is a 410-acre enclave of luxurious, mostly single-story homes in Beverly Hills, California. Developed in the 1950s and 60s on what had been the Doheny Ranch - whose manor house, Greystone, is still the largest home in Beverly Hills - Trousdale Estates quickly became famous for its concentration of celebrity residents and the unrestrained extravagance of its architecture.

About Over The Top

Over The Top is a new, in-development coffee table book about Trousdale Estates, which comprises L.A.'s largest and most complete colony of residential work by virtually every A-List architect in Los Angeles, including the biggest names in what came later to be known as "Mid-century Modern". Often working with unlimited budgets to fuel their clients' demands for high-visibility 'statement' homes, these architects and designers created sprawling, elegant, sexy, backdrops for the ultimate expression of the American Dream in the mid-to-late 20th century. Their gilt-edged extravagance came to represent a category above and beyond mid-century modern, which was primarily designed for the masses. The decorative exuberance, combined with Trousdale's location at the pinnacle of glamorous Beverly Hills, are, both literally and figuratively, "Over The Top".

Just as so many icons from that exuberant era - from Op-Art to the Rat Pack (Frank & Dean were both Trousdale residents), from Pucci to Gucci, martinis to Mad Men have been rediscovered - and for many of the same reasons - Trousdale is back on the map. A new wave of innovative tastemakers, media stars, architects and designers are revitalizing the area, making it sizzling hot once again.

Over The Top is being exhaustively researched to include a wealth of architectural background, details and floor plans, giving readers a true inside view at the "good life", lived large, Beverly Hills style. Lavishly photographed new spreads will be interspersed with historic photos, vividly illustrating the glamour of Trousdale both then AND now.