The Era

The Olympics were in Rome, Acapulco was a TWA flight away. JFK was president, and we were going to the moon. Never before had the future looked so bright, especially when tanning poolside in the Beverly Hills sunshine, gazing out at all of Los Angeles - and that new "Century City" - sprawled out below.

For some Trousdale swells, former Vice President Richard Nixon living up the street was a selling point; for others, it raised eyebrows. The discussion of how much he paid for his hilltop home - in a development partially funded by his professional nemeses, the Teamsters, no less - quickly rose to the level of national interest. The tempest eventually came to force the VP to consider leaving public life for good ("you won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore"); History, however - as we know - had a different plan.

The Architects & Designers:

Notable Residents: