The Era

In the wake of the Kennedy assassinations, and America's slide into Vietnam, the future stopped being something to race toward, and instead, many began to look back in nostalgia to what seemed a more reassuring past. Full-out modernism lost its luster when "Helter Skelter" went from a Beatles song to a Charles Manson calling card; 'openness' began to feel a lot like 'vulnerability', architecturally.

With the look backward, to 'historical' styles for their sense of solidity and classicism, came the era of the teardown, the 'Persian Palace' and the McMansion - some awful, some awfully good. But in the last quarter of the 20th century, it seemed even the nouveau riche thought Trousdale was, well, 'nouveau riche'. However, those who discounted Trousdale's appeal - and staying power - were in for a surprise.

Architects, Designers & Stylemakers:

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