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Steven Price is a native-born Angeleno who came of age in 1960s and 70s L.A., a golden time and place for the architecture and design style later to be known as Mid-Century Modern. Encouraged in particular by his father, Herbert J. Price, Steven was introduced while very young to a variety of defining influences drawn from his everyday life and environments: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House (Barnsdall Park), the then-burgeoning hillside residential developments of the San Fernando Valley, Malibu beach houses (where he received his first exposure to architects such as Craig Ellwood and John Lautner), the glittering high rises of Wilshire Boulevard and Century City, and homes of family and friends in Brentwood, Bel-Air, and Beverly Hills - most memorably, Trousdale Estates.

After studying for his real estate license in 1990, a twist of fate led Steven instead to a nearly 20-year career in the entertainment industry (Propaganda Films, DreamWorks, FOX Broadcasting/FOX Sports/FOX Interactive, Showtime Networks and CBS/Paramount Television) - 18 of which he says half-jokingly were spent trying to get out, to pursue his dream of writing and his love of architecture, house wares, objects and design. He finally succeeded in 2009, and is delighted to be writing and producing his debut project Over The Top - the Architectural History of Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills concurrently with his second project, a biography of builder and businessman (and former Trousdale Company President) Ronald C. Waranch.

Having made his home at various times in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C., Steven now divides his time between residences in Hollywood and Honolulu.

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