Doheny Ranch: The Doheny family, Greystone Mansion, and Frank Lloyd Wright's grand plan for the Doheny Ranch Resort. Oil millions, tragedy, scandal AND fantastic art direction - all in one sweeping chapter.

Paul Trousdale: The developer. Ambitious builder who built thousands of homes, hotels, country clubs and commercial structures throughout the western U.S. in the post-war boom years, once Bank of America's biggest home construction client, friend to potentates and presidents.

Trousdale Estates: The development. Paul Whitney Trousdale's crowning achievement, the only one to bear his name. Starting in 1954, this was the time and the place where he set modesty aside and reached for the stars. There's an amazing amount on LA history here - from how he swung the deal with the Dohenys and persuaded the City of Beverly Hills to stretch its borders to include his Trousdale Estates. And how he built what came to be known as "Versailles on a Hill".