The Era

Trousdale in the first part of the 21st Century has been a story of rebirth and rediscovery. The rise/fall/rise of the enclave's appeal is analogous to style in fashion and music as well. Not only are top shows like Mad Men mining the era for style and subtext, even vintage film franchises are revitalizing themselves for the modern day.

Every top fashion house - from Courreges to Dior, Balenciaga to Givenchy, Gucci to Pucci - has enjoyed the same renaissance. They're being rediscovered by waves of today's fashionistas, some even merit Museum exhibitions.

The swinging cool of the Rat Pack once again reigns supreme. The Brazilian sound still sambas strong. Shirley Bassey belting out "Goldfinger" was on every Trousdale turntable in 1964; today she's Dame Shirley Bassey, thank you - and now, CD players and iPod docks are sending her cover of Pink's "Let's Get this Party Started" reverberating through those very same hills.

The final major section may well be the splashiest: a deluxe portfolio of fantastic recent remodels and new designs, plus some remarkably well-preserved originals.

Architects, Designers & Stylemakers:

Notable Residents: